We have 5 doctors, 5 nurses, therapists for massages & sound healing but also make up artists, hairdressers if anyone would like to feel and look better inside out. We have a team big enough to look after 5 to 30 people at the time.



TVT doctor:

Maria – the medical doctor (Valencia University) and specialist in Medical Thermal Therapy. Through the UCM University, La Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she has taken a holistic approach in her medical practice, combining the cutting edge approach of IV therapy with the foundations of energetic and quantum medicine. She believes in achieving vibrant health of the body-mind system, through the enhancement of the natural ability within the human body to heal and regenerate itself.

TVT nurse:

Mary – a passionate nurse who studied in the University of Valencia. After her nursing degree she specialised in
 Wound Treatment and Biochemistry by the University of Medicine leading her to
 work for a top French wound healing laboratory as a Clinical Director.
 Years later she moved to London where she became fascinated about
 complementary medicine.  She did a course in Anti Ageing and Functional
 Integrated Medicine and later she was working for a very prestigious
 clinic in Harley street with renowned doctors whose philosophy was to
 support and treat early diagnosis of any disruptions in adults by using
 IV Therapies – IV Vitamin Drips – with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a wide range of 
homeopathic substances. Ever since then her career on this field expanded
 enormously, gaining expertise on the latest and most comprehensive tests as well as managerial skills. 2 years ago she founded Vitamedics and The Vitamin Therapy in Ibiza.

TVT events & marketing

Mari-Liis has been Ibiza regular for 15 years now. She has years of experience and inside knowledge of the global club and entertainment scene. She is the owner of ML World Management and has produced and PR’d many high end events and brands around the world with the top names in the industry. ML World Management  provides services from Event Management, Brand Consultancy, Ibiza Concierge to Ibiza Villa & Apartment rentals. Her passion is nutrition and general well-being.

TVT treatments by Iuri  ¨ Ibiza Massage and Healing Therapies ¨

Iuri is a wellness mobile service on the magical island of Ibiza. ¨Namasté nice to meet you, my name is Iuri and I was named like that in memory of a Russian astronaut who was the first human being to land on the moon. I guess I carry the same adventurous spirit, I have changed my life following my inner voice, that deep irrational guidance, which has been taking me places, meeting unbelievable people who have taught me ancient healing traditions coming from wandering “monks” in many countries in Asia. That was not planned, it just happened to be and only a few years later I realised what the story actually was….. I offer healing, relaxing, energising amazing treatments which will boost your system, revitalising, cooling down, rejuvenating.¨

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